Reno and HOF Dam Destiny

Proud Parents of Five Puppies


5 Puppies born December 15, 2006

HOF Dam Destiny's '06 puppies are doing well, indeed!

Introducing 'Corey'

  Photos by Heidi Dahms-Foster

WTCH Corey  Was the High Combined Started dog at the 08 ASCA Nationals in Las Vegas, NV


Taylor took Best Puppy (May Days 07)


CH Riley winners dog and reserve winners dog 11/7-8/09



Echo (pictured as a yearling)  has made a great start in agility


(Congrats, Alida!)

Pedigree of Litter

Proud Parents

Apache Son CGC


Owned by Kassandra Knight & Molly Wisecarver

Blue C/W Red Factored   4/25/2000

Hips OFA Good

Eyes Normal


VCH WTCH CH Soundtracks Captain Bandit CDX
Blue C/W 10/23/1993

CH Zuzaxs Coup Jute of Odyssey

Evergreens Peg O' My Heart

Diamond S Liberty Rose STDcs
Red W F=21.09% 

WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP

Hangin' Tree Black Trouble

CH The Season Runs Tru of Sundance DNA-CP


OFA Excellent

CERF clear-checked annually   

Scissors Bite/Full Dentition

19 inches/40 Pounds


CH Icy River Runs Tru of Sundance

CH Rolling Os Gay Red Surprise DNA-CP

Icy Blue Gems of Sundance

Evergreens New Glory

Evergreens Innisfree Lad

CH Evergreens Little Ruffian





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These are the current and 'up-n-coming' girls in our breeding program.

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