Pedigree of:

Adiskide Mystic Echo of Sundance
Blue C/W AS-23734E42F-PI F=10.79%
E134734 DN06975804
Ch Snowy River Masquerade In Fall
Blue RF AS-12711G63M F=13.44%
E63766 DL51356201
Snowy River Darby of Sundance
Black F=21.55%
Silver Reflection of Sundance Sterling Silver of Casara
Always On My Mind O'Saddleback
Willow In the Wind of Sundance Davlins Wanted Man of Sundance
Always On My Mind O'Saddleback
Snowy River Jilaru of Sundance
Blue RF F=11.32%
Casaras Nite Star of Sundance
Davlins Wanted Man of Sundance
Classic Star of Casara
Evergreens Scarlet Frost
E39923 DL47406201
Ch Woodstocks Just Right
Ch Patch-Works Ruffette
Black C/W RF AS-20473E68F-PI F=16.40%
E99069 DL75899308
Ch Cu-Ds Rolln Out the Red Carpet DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-10472G28M-T F=11.16%
E70121 DL54806702
Aladdins Rock the Casbah
E58492 DL46684901
Ch Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross
Indian Runs Rainbow Mist
Ch Aladdins Blue Danube CDX
E38344 DL46856001
Ch Cu-D Black Eye Jack of Ken-Lin CD
Woodwinds Moonlight Sonata
Cu-Ds In Pursuit of Happiness
Blue C/W AS-12201G28F-T F=11.14%
Aladdins Uno Numero Caliente
E68470 DL53354902
Ch Somercrest 1 Hot Number Atcu-D
Indian Runs Rainbow Mist
Cu-Ds Chasing Away the Blues
Ch Cu-D Black Eye Jack of Ken-Lin CD
Ch Tamaracks Pine Cent of Casara
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