AKC/ASCA Reg. CH PSRs Dazzling Sensation @ Sundance



AKC/ASCA Reg. CH PSRs Dazzling Sensation @ Sundance


Blue Merle (red factored)
OFA good, Elbows normal, CERF clear  
Scissors Bite/Full Dentition/MDR-1 normal/normal
20 inches/40 Pounds

Sizzors Bite / Full Detention




CH Coronados Trubbling Sensation
Black C/W (owned by PSR Stockdogs)

Coronados Exclusive Sensation
Blue C/W RF

Coronados Bare Necessities
Black C/W RF



The Spirit Runs Tru of Sundance
Blue C/W RF

CH Sundance Icy River Runs True PT
Blue C/W RF

Evergreens New Glory
Red C/W

Coronados Exclusive Sensation DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-17432E27M-PI F=29.79% 
E114118 DL84998804 8/24/2000
Coronados Bare Necessities
Black C/W RF AS-16580G26F-NOPI F=8.60% 
E105514 DL80729001 10/20/1999

5-Generation Pedigree


Winners Bitch - November 7, 2010, Judge Joan Czarnyszka, ASC-AZ, Litchfield, AZ

Photo by Vickie McNulty Pet Photography Team

Diva took one RWB and two WB out of 4 shows, Corrales, NM May 1 & 2, 2010

Sat. AM - Judge Cynthia Taylor SBJ (WB) -  Sat. PM - Judge Laurie Atkinson SBJ (WB) - Sun. AM - Judge Russell McFadden (WB)




First in her bred-by class, Judge Richard Mysliwiec, Feb 27, Litchfield Park, AZ
Diva placed in all 4 shows, Jan 16-17, 2010, Phoenix, AZ
Diva got a RWB (judge Ron Graham) and WB (judge Wendy Fensterwald),
Sunday April 18th, 2010, Phoenix, AZ


Diva's Family

CH Tru

CH Ryder ( left) CH Tru & CH Ryder (right)




Diva's Family

Back row - Echo (sibling), Dazzle (dam), Diva                                                                
Front row - Tru (sibling), Trubble (sire)


Proudly co-owned by Sundance Australian Shepherds & PSR Stockdogs.





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