AKC/ASCA Reg. Icy A Lil Trubble By Sundance



AKC/ASCA Reg. Icy A Lil Trubble By Sundance

Black Tri Female
OFA Good, and Elbows Normal   
Scissors Bite/Full Dentition
 19 inches/ 36 Pounds



Lovely Lili! ~ Lili says talk to the paw!


CH Coronados Trubbling Sensation
Black C/W AS-23087G25M-NOPI F=0.75%  E146760 DN09650418

Coronados Exclusive Sensation DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-17432E27M-PI F=29.79% 
E114118 DL84998804 8/24/2000
Coronados Bare Necessities
Black C/W RF AS-16580G26F-NOPI F=8.60% 
E105514 DL80729001 10/20/1999

Sundance Icy Autumn Breezes
Red C/W AS-18516G33F-PI F=23.49% 
DL85524610  10/10/2000

CH Rolling Os Gay Red Surprise DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W AS-16291E30M-PI F=11.40% 
E102949 DL78639408 3/29/1999
Icy Blue Gems of Sundance
Blue C/W RF AS-11018E32F F=13.44% 
E72978 DL55868803 10/23/1994



Photos by Heidi Dahms Foster

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Proudly bred by Sundance Australian Shepherds. Owned and loved by Heidi Dahms Foster of Adiskide.





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