Miss Honky-Tonk of Sundance


Tori came into my life shortly after my last Rottweiler passed away in 1998. I actually got her on her first birthday and we bonded immediately.  Debbe Dolson of Sundance Australian Shepherds was kind enough to give this wonderful little girl to me! She came to work with me at the Samaritan Nursing Home every day for 4 years.  Tori lay with many people in the nursing home as they passed over.  I still hear from people who were touched by the comfort that Tori brought to their loved ones in the end.  She was a little angel. J


In 2002, she retired from therapy work to stay home with her new Aussie brother, Austin.  She helped me raise Austin, her sister, Sparkle, and her nephew, Tyler, along with 5 cats.  I couldn’t ask for a better dog to have in my life.


I met some agility people shortly after she came into my life.  For the next 2 years we did agility lessons and she had a blast. She would run through all of the obstacles with a BIG grin on her face!  I was not ready for competition of any kind at that time, so we just did it for fun. 


After agility I did herding lessons for 2 years and started showing her in the ASCA altered conformation program.  She loved being shown in conformation because of all the cookies she would get.  We dabbled a little bit in obedience, but she enjoyed clicker training better. We did do one Rally competition and she took 2nd place!


Over the years we traveled to many dog shows and she proved to be an awesome traveling dog.  She was always well behaved; I could take her anywhere off leash.  We went to Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, California, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico.  I never left her behind!


We met many wonderful “doggie” friends.  These people have been in my life because of her and I cannot imagine them not being there for me and my dogs.  They include:  Debbe Dolson, Heidi Dahms Foster, Janet Hopkins, Kathy Bryan, and Beth Alden, all in my life because of Tori.  I look forward to them being life long friends.  Amazing how a little dog can bring so many blessing into your life!


Tori was a happy little dog and brought joy into many lives.  She was a ray of sunshine and my first heart dog.  She was my, “sweet pea.”


I will be forever grateful to Debbe Dolson for giving me my little “sweet pea.”


Tammy Cease